Chatfield – Demo


My Latest Demo Release!

On the 27th of November 2016 I will be releasing some new music to my BandCamp page, this release – ‘Demo’ – collates some solo bass tunes of which I’ve been gigging/busking the past couple of months around various towns and cities. The online release will hold 4 solo bass tracks and a bonus electronic track (which is a remix of a solo bass tune). Where as the physical copies that you see above contain 6 tracks! There are 3 variations of this CD – Red, Blue and Green, each contains different bonus tracks – 4 solo bass tunes + 2 bonus electronic tracks, so having all variations would give you 10 tracks!

I guess this whole idea firstly spawned from the fact that I’d struggle to afford getting ‘professionally’ printed CD’s with mastering and artwork designs, so I went the path of homemade DIY CD’s. It’s created a trading card like affect, having variant covers – currently drawn by my little brother Toby – I like this idea of having each copy hold some uniqueness to it, everyone’s copy of ‘Demo’ will differ. Hand writing each copy has been time consuming and depending on how well they sell, I may have to spend another few hours hiring (rewarding with sweets and treats) my little brother to get arty some more and get writing the ‘booklet’ for the rest of the CD’s.


The booklet (above), contains the track listing, a thank you note, social media info and a little motivational quote. I’ve currently made 50, and that took some hours! But I like the idea of giving the fan a personal thank you note and giving them something more than a CD with music, someone buying one of these means so much to me that I want to leave them with something….. ‘with a bit of heart’ ?? (I don’t know if that’s the right phrase, but you get the idea…I hope).

So if you are interested in a copy of this CD and live local to England, message me on any social media platform (or on here) and I’ll personally deliver one to you (charges will apply depending on far I have to go) and I’ll play a little concert for you! If not you can wait until the 27th and get if for free!! (or if you want to be generous and pay some monies) on the good ole BandCamp!!!

But for now enjoy the music you’ll find on my blog and keep in touch!!!

Facebook: @chatfieldUK
Twitter: @james_bassfield
Instagram: @basschatfield

4 thoughts on “Chatfield – Demo

  1. Hiya. Just seen you busking in Stourbidge – and yes, my wife (she’s the one with the loose change) dug deep – and was impressed with your playing. I’m off to check out some more of your work. Cheers and all the best!

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    1. Hey Chrisnelson61! Thank you so much 🙂 Thank you and your wife for the donation!! I’m super happy you liked what I was playing in the streets, it means a lot for you to have come to my webpage after seeing me out busking!
      I’ve had a lot of hassle in Stourbridge that day from the people (whom unfortunately live on the streets), saying that they don’t like me being there and they don’t want me returning. So I’m glad I affected your day positively, reading this has made me super happy! 😀

      All the best, maybe see you again!

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      1. On behalf of the rest of us I apologise. Your playing should be appreciated not seen as ‘threatening’ – I guess they were worried that their own ‘donations’ would suffer. Good luck and hope to see you around.


  2. Hello James… just listening to your talented music on Bandcamp that Chris gave a link to… very serene… does a great deal to calm a busy mind! Also love your autumn picture of your guitar and dog, so lovely! 🙂

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