What Made me Decide to Play both Bass and Percussive Guitar Simultaneously? Question from a follower.

It’d be great to start giving you more content on subjects and questions that you’d like me to talk about! So if you have any questions or things you’d like me to write about, within the borders of busking and my music, then please message me on any social media platform, via email or on here!
I posted on Instagram asking what people would like to ask. @ogmattsmith sent me a message; What made you decide you wanted to play both bass and percussion guitar at the same time?
So I’m here to answer this.

Why I Started Playing both Guitar and Bass Simultaneously?

It was a happy accident, during December of 2018, I borrowed my Dad’s guitar as I wanted to start singing some of my favourite songs, which I did, I learnt a bunch of Snow Patrol and Stereophonic’s tunes and tried to sing!
While wielding the bass one night, I was jamming to some Ben Howard, and was like it’d be cool to look at some open tunings and see what I can make on guitar. Without thinking I just grabbed the acoustic, sat it on my lap, still with the bass around me. Found an alternative open D tuning (D A D F# B D), and used the bass as a tuner to tune the guitar, holding one hand on a note and using the other to tune the guitar. Then I by accident hit the guitar, 12th fret all strings and bass at the same time…..”that sounded cool” I said to myself, so I did it again, just holding different notes on the bass, “oh, this is fun, this is real fun!”. Then from there on, I’ve just been experimenting loads with creating techniques and exploring the limitations with it. I still don’t fully know what I’m doing and I still have such a long way to go, there are many ideas and sounds I have in my mind that I’m still working out how to speak with the guitars. So I feel I’ve only scratched the surface with what is possible with this set-up. I treat it as one instrument and find it completely different to playing a bass or guitar on it’s own. I’ve fallen in love with the limitations and sounds that are possible with it.

Here’s the first thing I did with it;

And here’s the most recent thing I’ve posted with it;

I’m just over 7 months in to this set-up and I feel I have so much to work on and do, I’m nowhere near what I have in my mind, so I’m taking each day a day at a time, one tiny step each day!

I feel that’s what you need to do with any goal or destination you have in mind, to take it slow, be patient and take one tiny step at a time.
So whatever you are working towards at the moment, don’t worry if you feel so far away, learn to celebrate the small victories and start enjoying the journey, for that is the most fun part, seeing your self development and progression.


Much love for all!


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