UK Coastal Tour 2019 – Start

Busking Tour (UK Coast)Intended Route

On 29th May 2019, I began a busking tour. One with intentions to travel the coast of the UK. The picture above maps out the route I plan to follow, with subject to change for whatever reasons. A few key destinations will keep me focused on the bigger picture. The idea is to stay on the road full-time, explore new places and share my music with as many people as I can, in hope to bring them positive value. This map and route shares with you the first part/first chapter on the ‘bigger picture’. Exploring the coast of the UK is something I’ve wanted to do for years, as a child I spent many summer holidays in Cornwall/Devon camping with family/friends, so in a way its a place to dig out those nostalgic feels and have a very long extended holiday.

I’ll be documenting the journey in many ways, through blogs on here, YouTube/Instagram videos etc. But mostly I’ll be using this interactive Map;

James Chatfield Busking Tour

It’s quite a neat little feature on Google, where you can create maps that allow you to drop pins and leave written notes/pictures. With it, I’m going to pin each place I’ve played/visited and leave pictures, short notes, YouTube links etc. and date the pins so that anyone viewing it for the first time can follow where I started, where I’ve been and where I am at that time. I don’t know all the features of it yet and I don’t know what it’ll become, but my vision is to have the whole map covered (eventually, one day, in time, the dream, sugar puffs on a roller-coaster).

In some ways I’m tempted to go back from my first day busking and fill the map from there till now. But I like having it from this time now as a milestone, as a beginning point to a commitment to myself, to not give in and follow the visions I have in my mind. All journeys start with a single step, anywhere you want to go, it’s just, one step at a time, sometimes they’re small baby steps, others are gigantic steps. I heard quite an interesting question recently;

“How long would you give you average baby to walk, before you tell them to give up?”

I’m sure you and all parents would agree, you’d encourage your child to keep on trying even after the 25,341st time. Same rules apply to everything else in life I suppose? Fail forwards – Will Smith. Patience is key to everything.

day before I left, roxy swimming.jpg

Roxy swimming, she loves it, I love her and I miss her, it’s only been 5 days since I left, still miss her though, massively, as I miss my family and friends. Picture above – from the morning before I left my Mums house to drive down to Bournemouth.

I got to Bournemouth the 29th May, to stay in an AirBnB till 3rd June. My first stop on this journey.

first day 2.jpg

Picture from the first busking session in Bournemouth. The drive down was mostly in rain, as I pulled into a car park, the rain cleared, but there was a still a dark cloud looming above me, I risked it and set up anyways. Just before I was about to play, a guy walked past, “I pray that it doesn’t rain on you when you play!”, his prayer worked as it didn’t rain at all, managed to play from 6-7.30pm.

The first video of this trip too. The thumbnail suggests its just 10 minutes of my face close up, unfortunately it is.

So I’ve played mostly in Bournemouth during this time, it is beautiful here. It has a park area which is a perfect spot to play in, one of the days I played a few hours in the evening closer to the seafront – here – spending most of the late afternoon watching other buskers play, such as Ethereal; video here.

Ethereal buskingdancing.jpg

As you can see the aesthetic of playing in the gardens is beautiful, especially in the sun, it has this endless summer vibe to it. The great thing is you can play from 11am – 10pm as it’s always full of people, so there’s always a potential crowd.

So far this week, I’ve sold many CDs, had many generous donations, had very inspiring and interesting conversations, been called a ‘fat ugly beggar’, been flipped the bird by a few homeless people, had an overly excited Polish man throw me a quid and pass me a beer can, shared many smiles with strangers, made new friends (Like Ethereal and Dan the Fireman), melted in the sun, created some new songs and read book one of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’.

It’s been an enjoyable first few days on this trip, I’m sure they will continue. It’s predicted rain for a few days, I hope it doesn’t ‘Disallow’ (Rain taps, 1 generic 2 blue, counter James from activating busking ability) me from making music on the streets. I’m sure I’ll find a way.

I’ll be sure to upload more words and content for those who delve into this website, on the next Sunday that passes us. Till then, I wish you all well!

Thanks for reading!

You can download/buy my music here –

Also you can donate here to help keep me playing on the streets –



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