Caught in Stratford

Last Thursday I gave busking in Stratford-Upon-Avon a go, it’s always been an amazing place to play. Despite knowing that a busking friend almost got fined for playing here, I took a chance and set up anyhow – it’s work, so by following the guidelines and being safe, I’m allowed to play… right? Video found here 🙂

Shared by Canal is King who said ‘Listening to the music and watching his fingers dance up and down the fretboard, I forgot all about lockdowns’. 🙂 That’s pretty cool. The general response that day was incredible. Most who tipped (and a lot did tip) expressed their gratitude to be able to hear/watch live music in a time like now. The park was somewhat busy, a lot of small groups having fish’n’chips by the fountain and under the trees. A sunny sky blessed us.

It’s been nice to busk during this lockdown, to both work and provide music for the streets and the few who wander it. Though there are a lot more wandering it than I’d imagine there to be in a National Lockdown. Still, I’m grateful for these opportunities.

Busking has always been a healing thing for me to do, it’s like a medicine for my mental wellbeing. I’ve noticed a massive increase in; personal happiness, purpose, motivation and confidence, over the past few weeks. It’s boosted my desire to create and share and create and share.

I just wanted to drop in a quick Blog and say hi, share that video, and wish you well.

🙂 x


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