Short and Sweet Way to Say – Just Do

I sit here, in my car, bed for the night, as the accommodation around here in my budget are all booked up and it’s too late for tent setting now. The car, its tiny, but it’s comfortable to some degree! Being summer it’s a good temperature to sleep outdoors/incars + I’m parked up by the sea so I can swim as the sun rises, amazing!

But as I sit here I think, what do I write? What do I talk about and what should I upload? This question comes with a lot of things I do, when it comes to song writing, what do I do? Where do I start? Same with travelling too, what do I do? Where do I go?

The simple answer to a lot of creative and progression related stuff, is – just do. Just start something in relation to the question and do something, even if its just a little bit. Just do. Do as much as you possibly can fit in to the time frame you’ve allowed yourself to do! Then keep doing it on a daily basis. Eventually the question will be answered and a new question will arrive.

So in a short and sweet way of words,

Just do. The dreams, goals and desires which you have – just do one thing that steps you closer to them, then do another thing, and repeat, one thing at a time. Just do. Get started, even if only 5 minutes a day, just do!

Words from an expert;

Les Brown – his words have changed my life completely! I listen almost daily, I recommend you do to!

– a wonderful evening view of Tenby!

Thank you for reading my words and following this journey.

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Nice Spot for Songwriting :) + A Few Hostel Tips

Songwriting with a view! A lovely spot to spend the morning. Songwriting is something I need to make more of a habit, to extend my song selection and musical vocabulary. With the dual guitar setup I’ve found songwriting to be the best way to practice, as it opens up new technique ideas. Improvisation is also a great way to write songs, as at times ideas jump out like a frog running free from the hands of an excited explorer. But I at times feel improvisation leads to repetition, maybe that’s just me, I think that’s sometimes due to the fear of doing something ‘wrong’, so reverting back to the patterns and riffs that I know so well. But as my teachers at university said, within performing and improvisations there isn’t such thing as ‘wrong’, unless you state that is wrong, so I suppose just chill out and let it be!

Well here’s some ideas from the writing session. I want to change my sound by slowing down and being more melodic, I’ve been listening to cinematic scores recently so massively inspired by that. Check out this song, it’s beautiful;

A couple tips for staying in Hostels!

1. If you find clothes on a made up bed in a dorm, it’s probably because someone has claimed that bed.

I’d been in the Hostel for a few days, settled in etc. A long night of CD making in the main lobby, till about midnight maybe. Walking back into my dorm for sleep, to find a very large man spread out in my bed, my clothes scattered on the floor….. Okay? I had my journal and padlock keys under the pillow, he was far out. What will be will be, there were plenty of other beds to sleep in, but clearly, that bed was THE bed!

2. Not everything in the hostel is free to use. Especially fancy coffee.

Making breakfast and coffee in the morning (with a slice of ginger and Turmeric root added, it’s amazing, do it!). I leave to go set my table up and turn my laptop on to upload videos. Go back in, the same man who stole my bed was now stealing my coffee. Ha! I just laughed and let it be. His face and body language suggested he was a ‘tough guy’, my mind state was super relaxed I didn’t want to disturb the peace.

3. Keep your dorm key on you. If you get locked out, don’t act like a burglar!

Last night, about 2am I was flying across great big green landscapes, filled with volcanoes that spurt out this dark green gas, I was flying to land upon it… Then “ahhhhhhhhh!” THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP! The volcanoes dissipated and the dorm room screamed alive. The door sounded like a battering ram was awaiting to siege with an army. THUMP THUMP, followed by squeaking feet, going into the distant, then returning quickly, THUMP THUMP THUMP! I actual freaked the fridge out! ‘ahhhhh!’ whatever was trying to get in, was, f**king crazy! This happened for about an hour, because I was ridiculous tired I was totally in a freaked out mood. So I feared actually letting this battering ram in. AHHHHH! Hostels can be so so creepy! This is a YHA = Youth hostel, there were plenty of families here, so imagine the children’s fear when they heard the AHHH followed by thumping. An angry parent did come out and kindly (not kindly) told them to “shut up please” (didn’t say that). I mean really I should of let this man in, but he was freaking me out so much I didn’t want to move. Eventually he got let in by a staff member with a master key… But then he tried to get in bed with another person,
“What?! Excuse me sir! Get off! I think you’re sleep walking!”
“No I’m not”
“….get off me”
Then climbed up onto the bunk bed in the loudest possible way. I had to contain the laughter, but also the fact I was freaked out so much.

So if you follow these three rules, then your stays at Hostels will be some what normal!

P.s. Hostels are great, they just have the potential to get a bit weird. But what’s life without weirdness?

A Busk in Tenby after a fantastic night sleep….

Today was great!

Thank you for reading my words and following this journey.

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Thinking of Busking? Do it for Happiness, Love and Bringing Value to Others


Want to give busking a go?

Do it with love. Do it for the enjoyment and the fact it brings you happiness. Do it because you know it’ll bring value to others. Those three things, I’ve found, are the most important things when you commit to being a busker. You’re going to be spending a lot of time sat amongst strangers, a continuous stream of first impressions is coming your way. You’re energy has got to be good, in order for good to come from it.

We’re all passing through this life bumping into one another and shaping our paths. As a busker you sit amongst a flow of people moving from A to B, you’re partial interrupting their day with your presence. Some notice it, some don’t notice it, some don’t care and some notice it only subconsciously. So for those that do notice it give them a reason to fully acknowledge you. Smile, be good, be the best version of you, gift them with incredible sounds, gift them your skills and talents. Help shape their path in a positive manner. We’ve got to make positivity louder!

I’ve crossed a few buskers who have sole intent to make as much cash as they can, which will shrink their enjoyment, because when people don’t tip, it hurts and upsets them. No one has to pay you, they’re not obliged to, so be grateful for those who do. When you take on this mindset, your energy and enjoyment will go down a level and everything else will also follow and dip down.

It’s a strange thing, busking, as there are many varieties that shapes the productivity to a busking session. There isn’t just a single attribute to what makes a day right for busking. But one massively important attribute which you have complete control on is – you – your energy, it has to be of good intent. This is why love, happiness and bringing value to others should be a priority to the reason you busk.

I feel that love, happiness and bringing value to others are key things that can apply to all careers and hobbies. It makes sense, when you’re happy and enjoying yourself it shows, your essence will glow and attract people. It will also make others happy enjoying watching/listening to you – and with busking that’s the whole point right? To make people enjoy their experience in a town centre. High streets and city centres were designed for consumerism, they were designed to bring people to buy stuff and give money to many companies. Street art takes people away from consumerism, it shares something pure and something real, a gift and a feeling without a price-tag, there is no need to ‘buy’ you just gift, you share your smile, your time and you gift to another human who also has a beating heart, a whirlwind of emotions inside, a list of desires and dreams, a whole history and a whole other story to tell. This art, takes you and the performer to another state of being, you’re just there, in that moment, you, them, the street and everyone around you, it’s a beautiful state of presence.

That’s why;



Value to others

Has to be your priority when you busk. Lets make positivity louder. Lets collectively wake up happy and share happiness in every street, in every city!

Thank you for reading my words and following this journey.

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Church Doors Cove – Take Your Gifts Everywhere – You Are Important

This spot – Church Doors Cove in Pembrokeshire, is just beautiful!

An insanely captivating view with the best invitation to jump right in, swim and climb. Best thing, this spot is a couple minutes away from the YHA hostel in Manorbier. Every morning I’ve stayed here, this has been one of the first things I’ve seen. I love it!

I sat upon a high rock watching the water and songwriting, see video above.

All my stuff there. To the left of this picture was a couple of families, so I was partial supplying music for them, but songwriting isn’t really a performance, repeating things over and over slowly to gain precision. At least I thought it wouldn’t disturb the families – it didn’t – because the next day (as in songwriting was 20th,the next day-this day the 21st) whilst I was busking in Tenby, the Mom’s of each family approached me.

“I saw you at Church Doors yesterday, I thought you were busking but then I realised you were just in your own world. But it made it magic. It was really soothing and fitting to the spot, thank you”.

It was crazy that we bumped into each other here, or is it crazy? Because both Tenby and Church Doors Cove are tourists places to see in Pembrokeshire… What is crazy? Another question for another blog post.

From this I learnt that just being you and taking your gifts everywhere with you, not being afraid to just do whatever it is you do. Can open doors and give people something of meaning.

You are important, your existence is important.

Important means; to hold great significance or value.

You are of great value!

Goodnight, sleep well.


Thank you for reading my words and following this journey.

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Writing Intentions

Taken and sent by @atiwitw on Instagram – Oxford, April 2019

I’ve been sat here writing the beginning of many different blogs, my drafts on WordPress has now tripled in size! I’m writing and not liking what I put, I feel inclined to write because I’ve found a love for it and just want to keep on writing. So that’s what I’m doing, determined to make it a habitual thing. Reading more and listening to more podcasts, drives this desire to explore words. To piece together the knowledge I take from books and podcasts, and present these small essays on life and the ideas that float in my mind. As well as taking the experiences/adventures that music, busking and travelling bring forth to me, and telling stories from it.

So the facial expression above captures what I felt reading back through certain beginnings I wrote. ‘That makes no sense’, ‘not feeling that’, ‘that’s not true’, ‘boring’ etc. It’s fun though, just experimenting with art forms you enjoy exploring. So if you’re an artist, explore and experiment with it; paint with your eyes closed, walk and draw at the same time, sit in the middle of a high-street and paint – with the public eyes on you it may inspire you to create differently. It inspires me to perform differently when I play outside of a busking environment, recently I got asked to play a song at a hostel, there were only 5 people at that bar, ‘Jiawei Liu’ (Chris) was leaving for Beijing the next day so it was a leaving gift for her. Playing slower and softer, as I feel I have more time to compose as I already have the audiences attention, differing to a busking environment where it takes time to get an audiences attention.

Whilst busking yesterday in Tenby, on a beautiful sunny day with amazing crowds and amazing kindness, a fear jumped on me and sat in my mind. This fear that I may for some reason lose the ability to busk, maybe I have an accident that dysfunctions my ability to play or the world completely bans busking for some unknown reason (because busking is truly amazing for communities and high streets – and I need to start working towards making this know). Pondering on these thoughts I mind mapped what other ‘careers’ and curiosities I could follow – writing and blogging being my favourite idea from them all. I busk daily, so why not blog daily? But what would I write about each day?

I took what I am doing now and dissected it into different categories that have plentiful subjects to ponder ideas about and write many words on. A travelling musician, street performing, often reading, an interest to learn about this world and explore it, with an interest in a green lifestyle, on a plant-based diet, an avid fan of motivational speakers and listens to podcasts and YouTube videos regularly.

That, right there opens up a lot of subjects to write and speak about. I massively enjoy writing words and music, so if I could do both side by side, that would be incredible. A list of 100 things to blog about sits on a notepad in the phone. So expect more words from myself.

If you too want to start a blog or a vlog or a podcast, and you’re not sure what to write about. Begin with a summary of who you are; what you enjoy to do, the places you are in often, the job you currently have and the things you have done and been through. It may bring to you a list of titles, jot them down now and then delve into each title with fine detail. I’m no blogging expert, but I feel this would be a good start.

Eventually a podcast would be fun, there are so many amazing and interesting people on this journey, I feel it’d be a shame to not capture the conversations had on the streets and in hostels with interviews etc.

“You can’t build a house until you’ve built the house” – Jim Rohn

This blogging/writing house I wish to build. To be able to write about the things I enjoy, exploring ideas and concepts, capturing moments from this journey and telling stories from those moments. To have plentiful of content on this website and around the internet. To be able to collaborate with other bloggers, get featured in magazines and other websites. To write for companies that are exploring; travel, music, busking, well-being and everything in-between. To bring value to those who read it. Most importantly to continue enjoying the process of writing, because I thoroughly enjoy it!

Build your house before you begin to build it – define what your goals and dreams are, picture them clearly and give them life inside your mind, visualise them and meditate on them. Once a goal has been defined you can then start taking one step at a time towards it, if the goal isn’t defined, well then you may be stepping in circles constantly and wondering off in too many directions. If you feel lost, then take the time each day to write out things you wish to do, look at others you admire and see what they’ve accomplished that you would also like to.

Most importantly, work towards them, even if only for 20 minutes a day, work is the answer.

Notes jotted for blogging/writing thoughts.

Thank you for reading my words and following this journey.

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Have a great day!

Stay Childish and Be Curious

As a busker, I spend a lot of my time sat down, in the middle of the high street, and often I people watch. It’s fascinating, catching snippets and creating stories of someones life; what are they doing, where are they going and what kind of person are they. This beginning almost opens up a hundred different avenues to go down and write about. But I want to write about the children that I see from a fly-on-the-wall perspective.

Children are curious, they’re creative and they’re just so amazed by the things that surround them. When they see someone playing music on the streets, their reaction is interesting to watch;

“look at that guitar man!”,
“look Mum, what’s he doing?”,
“whoaw, two guitars!”,
“wat u doinnnnnn?!”,
“what is that you are playing?”,
“can I have a go?”,
“my Daddie plays guitar!”,
“I play piano, and I’m really really good, I can play twinkle twinkle star, can you play twinkle twinkle star?”…

Their excitement just to run up and say exactly whats on their mind is wonderful, like they’re running towards you holding this colourful water balloon that pops and explodes into words, questions and wonder. Sometimes they’ll get really close to the ‘stage’ and just stare intensely, like they’re amazed but haven’t learnt how to react to it just yet. At times, this is the first live musical experience the child is having – how amazing is that? A human, a tiny and new to this world human has yet to discover where music comes from. Perhaps they’ve seen it on a screen before, but not yet in real life. That first experience of seeing live music, must be incredible, absolutely incredible. I can’t quite remember my first time experiencing live music, but I remember as a child I would always be amazed watching my Dad play chords on the guitar. The fact that this thing, this wooden strange shaped thing, would create such a cool sound, what the fridge?!

There’s a lesson to be learnt by children, a lesson I feel people neglect at times. But this lesson of showing curiosity. As following your curiosities leads you down incredible and life-changing paths. To ask questions about everything in life, “What are wasps actual purpose other than to annoy the hell out of us?”, “What would happen if I hung upside down and painted this forest that I see?”, “Where does that off-road path lead?”, “What if I just packed in this job I hate and move to Canada and work in a cafe?” etc etc. I could list a billion questions as there’s an infinite things to be curious about in this world and within our minds, but I don’t want to spend all of time writing questions, I want to spend all of time exploring my curiosities – “What would happen if I write daily blog posts and send them to magazines, companies etc? Could I turn it into a job?” (my current curiosity).

Elizabeth Gilbert writes in ‘Big Magic’, how following your curiosity is more important than following your passion. That you should learn to ask the questions that lead you onward. Each footstep being a new question, each question leading you closer to a new discovery, each discovery gifting you new knowledge, each bit of knowledge building further understanding of this world, then ultimately understanding which bit of the world you want to fit into, which job you want to pursue, which person to love, where to live etc. Curiosity takes you down this wonderful path, a path of growth and knowledge.

Children seem to have this skill of curiosity. I don’t have children of my own, I wish to one day, but I have younger siblings, and their curiosities fascinate me greatly. The way in which they word questions at times;
“Where are you going to live tomorrow? then where are you going to live next week?” – my little sister Emily asked as I was hugging goodbye, both leaving Forest of Dean, Emily leaving with the family back to Worcestershire, me leaving towards Cardiff. Perhaps the way in which a question is asked is different to curiosity, but it sits within context to how creative a child’s mind is. That process in her mind of, ‘James visits lots of different places, so where does he live? does he move house all the time?’, it’s her curiosity to understand something by just asking the question that comes to mind. Sometimes I feel as adults we get too worried about just asking a question, the fear of looking a fool or being judged by another, but you shouldn’t live in fear of what others think of you, otherwise you’ll never get to express yourself fully – just be you! Because YOU are you for a reason, we’re each different and unique, we all matter, YOU matter!

Following the curiosity of a child’s curiosity asking questions, I’ve started doing it more. Spending time in hostels, passes you by lots of people, all with interesting stories and knowledge to share, different views on the world, with great conversations and discussions to have. There was a stage in my life where I was too afraid to ask someone a question, so I would just presume the answer myself, which often lead to me being anti-social, feeling alone and sometimes depression would peep into my mind, “alone are ya? feeling like you can’t speak to anyone? yep, you can’t, alone forever, no one wants to hear your voice, sorry, that’s just the way it is” (now through the act of daily training in self-love and meditation, I stand up and push that awful voice away). I only wish I’d got the courage to ask people questions sooner, but it’s all a growing process.

Now when I walk into a hostel room and see someone, I’ll ask them a question about their presence here, unless their in meditation position sat on the kitchen table – don’t disturb their peace. But it leads to a wonder of conversations and I’ll always come out with new knowledge, they know the land better and can direct me to a cool place to visit, or they’ll share an interesting book to read or musician to check out, or suggest an idea with my personal travels. This curiosity has filled my journals with interesting entries and made my days so much better. Recently driving quite late to a hostel, I was feeling a little low and just wanted to shut off from the world, but to check into the hostel I had to walk into the bar, and I had to interrupt a group conversation, “where you heading dude?…awesome! Why? ….oh really you’re a busker? …I used to be too …yeah I travelled all over” = cool conversation that pulled me from the darkness my mind was brewing.

What I want to leave you with, is that – to follow your curiosities, to go on a life long epic quest to find the answer to all those questions that come into your mind from some place either internal or external. To ask a stranger why he’s shouting poetry on top of a phone-box (oh Theo, I do hope you’re okay). To ask the world where you should go. To ask yourself the deep questions inside, to ask questions to help you understand yourself more. To follow your curiosity in a career or university course. Trust me (or don’t, that’s cool, chances are we haven’t met), when you start following your curiosities it’ll take down some amazing paths, it’ll bring amazing people into your life, it’ll make you feel amazing and it’ll make you thirst for more questions and more knowledge. It’ll also help you discover what you do and don’t like, where you want to and don’t want to be, who you do and don’t want to spend your time with.

Curiosity + Action = Adventure & Growth

I do fear that some parents are shutting out curiosity within their children, like it’s a bad thing to be curious. I see and hear it a lot, a child will be trailing behind their Mum who is focused deeply on moving forwards and scrolling their phone simultaneously, “Mum! look at that man playing guitar! look Mum, Look!”, the Mum responding after the child shouts this 3 or 4 times, doesn’t look back at the child “Come on, hurry up, stop being slow!” – maybe the Mum is actually being slow here? Where the child wants to follow curiosity?
I’ve seen this scenario many times, now I don’t know the situation or the people, so I can’t make judgement on them, they could be rushing to drive somewhere super important. But from the body language of the parent I fear they get annoyed to often at their young for being curious. Is it so bad to ask questions? The child has sometimes pulled their parent to turn around, but they just shut down the child’s curiosity. Or the parent will drag the child away quickly, in fear that the busking man will infect them with a creative outburst – oh dam not that bug!

Look at this;

This little girl, Freda is just incredible, her Mum too. This is why curiosity is so important, because it makes us do wonderful things like this, it makes us happy! Look how happy she is just jumping about making up dance moves! If her dancing doesn’t make you smile, then…..

Thank you for reading my words and follow this journey.

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Motivation from Stationary Future Thinkings

They say its motivating to picture your dream life 5 years from now. But I feel its much more moving and powerful to picture yourself 5 years from now not having jumped for those dreams, not having quit that job you dislike, not having gone after that person you felt romantically towards, not having taken a leap of faith towards those ideas running wild in your mind, not having developed the skills you have. Just staying still in the routines and places you are currently in. When I visualise that, it freaks me out and motivates me to move forwards in so many ways, to develop myself as a person, to bring life to the ideas and goals I have inside, to take leaps towards romance, to travel new places and to experience new things.

If imagining that makes you content and happy, then that is amazing, and I’m truly happy for you! Happiness is so important. But if you picture that life and don’t like what you see. Then I emplore you to take a leap of faith, to not give in to fear, to continue and continue growing into the person you wish to be. We live every day, not just once. Each day is a new beginning if you so wish to allow it to be, each day opens new doors to learn and experience new things, each day allows you to connect with strangers and to meet new people. So take a stand towards the dreams and goals you have, give them life, step by step you’ll change your world and ultimately the entire world.

To have followed my gut instinct and quit a retail job I disliked 3 years ago has been one of my best moments. I look back and wonder who I’d of been if I didn’t just jump, if I stayed. Just grateful I did jump. This journey has been amazing so far, it hasn’t always been easy. Loneliness is the biggest enemy and at times quite a painful feeling. But the joy I feel to busk and share good energy on the streets to strangers is worth those moments of pain. There are a lot of things I wish to be and wish to have, but those things come with time and patience. Time and patience is something that I’ve learnt to have, they’re important, patience especially is so important.

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself!

Thank you for reading my words and follow this journey.

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“You’re in the Room, Man” – Dave the Druid. Spontaneity Leads to Wonders.

Weather in Wales was predicted heavy rain and wind, the practicality of busking was unlikely. So I found the closest hostel I could – Pantyrathro International Hostel. A place in which I found some new friends and new knowledge.

Turning up to an empty hostel, with just yourself and the receptionist, is weird. I’m used to a wide range of characters lurking about the bunk beds, family’s crossing countries brewing up incredible suppers filling the air with delightful smells or a choir of farting and snoring in the 26 bed dorms (a hostel in London, it was immensely grim) or groups of lads turning every room into a party storming in at 3am flicking all the lights on, rambling about their drunken victories waking the old ladies just coming to Oxford to see its history. But none of that, silence, it was eerie, it was weird and uncomfortable. “is anyone else in tonight?”…”no, just you”. Felt like having my own place, which I’ve never had, it was, nice. I took the chance to practice some new song ideas and like anyone does when they’re home alone, run around naked…

Attempting to busk the next day was a pointless endeavour, I drove up to Carmarthen, completed a to do list; bank, posting CDs, launderette (where I accidentally sliced a wasps face off trying to assist it outside…)

There’s some frustration to not being able to busk, I feel bad for not doing so. But the rain came heavy at unpredictable intervals and the wind was strong throughout the day. I just took that time to work on another project that has been going for a while, one that hopefully you’ll all see in the future!

Returning to the hostel, back to normality it was filling with new faces, new characters, new stories and knowledge to be heard. A German baker, Ben was here hiking Wales for ten days to escape the busyness of Koln. Quiet in the mind on the beauty of Wales countryside, hiking around Snowdonia is good for that. Seeing what the Welsh bakeries were like, learning from them, taking notes and dying to experiment back home at his bakery which changes its menu every couple months! A never ending list of different breads to try out, amazing!

I tried out some songwriting again, hoping not to disturb anyone, it didn’t seem to. People were walking past smiling as they moved from kitchen to dorm to the bar downstairs. The next morning compliments were passed, by a father who’s daughters didn’t need night lights or bed time stories, due to the peaceful sounds the guitars were making. An amazing thing to have heard and been apart of, relaxing music to sleep too! He was a drummer himself, plays in a Christian worship band, loves jamming with musicians who understand time and texture, he enjoys creating soundscape sounds with the drums.

That night of songwriting, 13 Nepalis women arrived, with buckets (actual buckets) full of food, it smelled amazing, they cooked a breakfast at 5am, some kind of potato-curry-esk, I was far asleep to have joined in at 5am. But I met a level 22 Druid (legit) that night who helped me understand what these Nepalis women were doing here. Andy (the Druid) and I sat up till way past midnight talking, he was once a multi millionaire with 7 business, something inside clicked one day “I have it all, but I have nothing, I’m miserable”. Just like that he gave it all up, passed his businesses to those second in command, left his wife and pursued an inner calling to help people across the world. He know runs a gong-bath in Liverpool which helps people meditate relax and discover a new realm “you’re in the room”. He also just bought a mass amount of land here in Carmarthen, to build a centre of healing, a retreat centre for spiritual practice and aiding people to leave negative things and create positive things. The owner of the hostel walked in on the conversation, heard our stories and told us how he’s travelled all across the world in search for higher spiritual understanding, and told us a meditation technique where he reaches higher levels of consciousness, converses with weird creatures and connects with the universe at a deeper level. “look at him, he’s nosy, he’s curious, he’s on the journey man, he’s in the room man!”, Andy the Druid said pointing at me.

The next morning I accepted to follow Andy and his friend Roberto to a hidden temple half hour away. Narrow roads with rows of trees swaying down cutting off the outside world as we entered the grounds of this multi-faith temple on the edge of Carmarthen. My phone disconnected instantly as we entered, strange. Andy’s smile grew as we got there, part of me was concerned if this was actual a temple or a ‘temple’ (perhaps an off road place to take my kidneys?). But it was safe and overly friendly, driving through, many happy faces wandering the grounds, the cafe, the temples, the gardens. Volunteers or visitors, everyone was happy and smiling, nodding at one another ‘namaste’, at one another, strangers of kindness. We walked in on the beginning of a Vishnu Puja Ceremony. The rest of my time here was truly something magical, I can’t explain truly with words, it is something you’d have to experience yourself. So visit it! –

This morning was gifted with the sights of incredible animals that you wouldn’t expect to see in Wales (elephants and white peacocks), a small statue of Saraswati (the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, music, art, wisdom and nature) and a more enlightened mindset to start the day. Since this experience I have spent more time (in the morning especially) meditating and focusing on a more clearer mindset, gratitude walks and my own way of prayer.

Spontaneity truly leads to some incredible experiences, this isn’t the first time something completely new has opened up on this journey, but it’s definitely one of the most memorable ones. I recommend to you to try new things and explore spirituality in your own way. Spark conversations with strangers and hear what they have to say, we can all learn something from one another and we all have so much to teach and share with others. We are all different which is the beauty of being human and existing on this planet, it means that if we are open to it, each day can be a totally new lesson on life and it’s wonder. Obviously have caution and don’t approach every stranger if you have sense they may cause trouble, be weary of who you speak too.

“You’re in the room” – Dave said this a lot. He never explained what he meant by that, but from my understanding, it’s an inner sign that you feel more conscious of the world and understand your inner feelings with more depth. To see the world in a different light, to feel at peace, to feel more connected with nature and the universe. To understand that you have a purpose and you know what that purpose involves. I think once “you’re in the room”, you’ll understand that you are, in actual fact, “in the room”.

Hear the busking set I performed at Tenby on the 11th – the day I went to the temple, here;

All the best!

Thank you for reading my words and follow this journey.

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Have a great day!

Like Water, Wave After Wave

Travelling the world with music, especially street music is a goal that I’m 100% committed too. There’s a vast number of reasons why, a few; I want to see the beauty of this world and experience everything it has to offer, I want to be able to inspire my younger siblings to do the same, by testing it and giving them as much advice as I can and I want to bring value to the souls I met along the way. There’s no desire for fame or money, knowledge and peace is the goal. Learning, I love learning. It’s said that seeing the world is beautiful but understanding how it functions and works is even more beautiful. To meditate with locals across India, dance with tribes in South America, climb the mountains and explore the beauty of the oceans, there is so much to be done!

Gratitude sits in my mind every morning, ‘I’m thankful for this opportunity that music is giving me. To be able to travel whilst making music’. And I know there is goodness happening from the acts with music that I do, the joy on strangers faces as they walk past, the kind words sent via social media. All I want to do is expand this affect of goodness, this ripple that I don’t yet understand. So a thank you to you, for reading this and showing your support!

I have many routes mapped out, as to where to go next. I still continue on my coastal tour of the UK, but my mind is planning way ahead. The more I think about it and learn about the world, the more intense my desire grows to give it everything I have. Go all in, 110%, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.

I’m still young and most definitely not wise, but I ponder and wonder all the time. While sat watching the sea relentlessly push at the shore today, a thought grew.

Be like water, persist, wave after wave.

Like water, it never ends, the oceans are always moving, to shape the land we have. It’s huge and it never gives up. My intuition says that we should be like water, that we should never give up, we should be persistent with our dreams, our goals and our growth as individuals. Whatever it is that you want to do, just keep doing it. Even when the obstacles arise, keep going, when you make a mistake, keep going, when failure knocks you down, keep going. Never stop. You can only learn from your mistakes and failures.

Water with time shapes the cliffs, one wave at a time. Progress is sometimes invisible, but it’s there, progress is progress no matter how small. So persist. If you want to be better skilled at something, practice everyday, even if only for 5 minutes, persist, wave after wave.

I still feel I’m too young in life to be attempting to understand the depths of what it is to be human. But I enjoy writing about this stuff, and if it brings you value of a kind, then that’s awesome!

On another note, I’m in Wales! 😀

The video at the beginning is in Cardiff. Now I sit writing in Tenby, today I busked here, and here’s a video of that;

When I was playing, a woman, lets call her Sheena, because that’s her name. Stood eyes closed, swaying like a wild flower, singing these lovely melodies. She was lovely to watch, the melodies just poured out of her, maybe I ruined it a little bit by over playing, just wishing she was a bit closer to the phone so you could hear her a bit louder.


It was Tenby’s Firefighter Carnival 2019. Which got insane, after this song (above), a chorus of drums appeared, trucks filled with water guns, water bombs and fire hoses were spraying the entire street. Water bombs straight at my face, apparently I have a big one, because it didn’t miss.

Now I rest.

See you again.

Thank you for reading this!

Self-Love in a ‘Mind-Something’. Crafting Goodness into Your Day

“Don’t give in”

“Don’t stop playing this music and don’t let anyone stop you from doing this”

“Keep on, keep on, keep on”

– countless strangers on the streets whilst I’m out busking.

These little snipers of advice always seem to occur in those moments where my mind wonders to a ridiculous state filled with doubt and panic. Someone walks past and throws a small sentence at me, like they can see my canvas fading, then they’ll throw a little ball of colour at it (splat, feel good gosh dammit!!! We like your music!). It’s hards at times not to fall into these states, but it does happen, gratefully not so much now. The more I busk and create music, the more colour I can see, the easier it is to lighten my mood and find peace in the mind. Its a skill – self-love – forever growing, patience and practice is absolute key.

Self-love? Well it’s exactly that, love for yourself. Not in a egotistical or arrogant way. In a sense that you hold love for yourself, in all that you are, that you can look in the mirror and smile at your strange and wonderful face “I love you, I want you to be happy, I want you to feel good and I want you to live the best life!”. (If you’ve not yet done that today, or never have…. Do it, now? Today! Just smile at yourself and tell yourself all the wonderful things that you are. Just like you would to someone you love, a sibling, child or partner).

I’ve built a space in my mind through meditation, visualation and states of flow when I’m creating music. A space that I call the ‘mind island’, when I close my eyes, I can see it so vividly in all its beauty, I’ve built a library a garden, a cave that leads to a studio in the clouds and a whole range of wonders. When I’m there, I only allow good thoughts and emotions to settle in it, pushing anything negative away, like there’s no space for it, because there isn’t. It’s taken years to form what it is, starting with a commitment to 5 minutes a day, closing my eyes and creating good thoughts, letting them float around and floating with them. Now when I visit, I feel an instant sense of relief, like all the weight is lifted off my shoulders….opening my eyes to the feeling of – everything is fine, we’re alive right? And look there’s a tree over there swaying in the wind, it looks beautiful. I realised that there’s so much beauty in the small details to life, that stressing over unnecessary imaginary things, really isn’t helping me feel good or spread good.

Stressed, spelt backwards, Desserts (just think of your favourites when you start worrying about worrying).

I strongly recommend, committing to these two things each day, no matter what. As much time as you can, whenever you can;

1) Self-love. Look at yourself in a mirror, smile and compliment yourself, your personality, your accomplishments, your body, your skills etc. Whilst you’re driving, “You are awesome, and today your smile will change anothers day”. Affirmations whilst you’re walking or commuting, ‘I am happiness, I am happy, I am loved, I am alive and well’.

2) Building a ‘Mind-..something’. Close your eyes, visualise a place of wonder, your own creation and craft only good thoughts within it, things that make you happy, things that warm your heart. 5-10 minutes in the first hour of your day, is massively recommended, setting good thoughts from the start of the day.

I cannot explain with words how much these simple habits have changed my view on life, my belief in myself and just everything in life. It feels like a super power at times, and it’s so easy to do. Patience and practice is absolute key!