4 Minutes to Say Something

Dammit! 4 minutes till tomorrow! Don’t break the daily blog posts. I maybe had a rather busy day, which involved three busking sets! One which was streaming live on Instagram, live streaming is amazing and I want to do it more. I’m in the process of using an app that allows me to stream on multiple platforms at once, it’s just amazing how many people you can reach with the Internet now, and in some ways scary that you can. But after the three busking sets, I had a gig! In Vista Cafe, Tenby, Wales. It was a lot of fun,

2 minutes!

But I started with so many nerves and thoughts of a negative nature, I believe its because I haven’t gigged in so long that my confidence was low and I didn’t feel prepared or good enough for a gig. But a failure is another step to a success, fail forwards as Will Smith would say

Dammit 1 minute!

That’s all you get

Thank you for reading my words and following this journey.

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Have a great day!