To Begin Again, Let me Start With This

To begin again, let me start with this, as it is nothing more than my mind spilling out into both art and word form;

This world is full of books and those books are filled with worlds and ideas and those reading the books filled with worlds and ideas are full of imagination and their imagination is filled with worlds and ideas and the worlds and ideas within that imagination is again filled with worlds and ideas and that continues for well who knows how long but it continues and you reading this yes you sitting or standing or laying or running right now would make an absolutely brilliant pumpkin if you were to ever become a pumpkin but I do not wish for you to become a pumpkin instead open your imagination and let the worlds and ideas infest this world and worlds within this world.

So that is that and this is this (picture below)

I absolutely love drawing little things like this, often they’re inspired through searching things on Pinterest. This drawing was inspired from the search of – universe inside the mind.
And I suppose that is what I believe, that there is a universe inside our mind. Parts of it are made up of our own imagination, other parts are drawn from the words we read, the films we watch, the things we see, do and hear etc etc.
I’m in love with the colours of books stacked awkwardly on a rooftop. I’m in love with reading and writing, and just imagining. There is so much to imagine.
I’ve no idea what this post on this blog is actually about. Just a collection of thoughts, a movement of fingers dancing across the keyboard, a need to write and see how the world enjoys or ‘dis-enjoys’ it.

Music and stories – that is all I wish to do.

To extend the music side of things, I’ve recently re-discovered Twitch. By streaming my busking sessions (and with the most recent days on consistent rain – playing indoors), I hope to make the life that I’m aiming for somewhat more practical. Streaming ever since lockdown has been a blessing, it’s funded this music and kept me going. So let us continue this via delving into the bigger of streaming platforms.

Below, Roxy interjected and decided to take the attention to her. Image and small video clip to follow (the URL for the video clip is hilarious, some random URL feature of Twitch I suppose).

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas, can change the world.

Robin Williams, Dead Poet Society (though I do not know if this is a quote from someone else).

When words and ideas can change the world, then we should begin by sharing our words and ideas?

🙂 a healthy Monday to you all